If you were a celebrity with a net worth of millions of dollars, how would you get around? Years ago, the answer would probably be a luxury sports car, but nowadays the modern celebrity has other ideas. These 25 celebs have bought YACHTS and PRIVATE JETS of their own to announce their success and wealth. Let’s see!

1. Tiger Woods – $25 Million Yacht Called Privacy Protects His Privacy During Vacations

The world-famous golfer Tiger Woods has earned a lot over the years due to his golfing talent and business acumen. So much so that he is able to afford his own $25 million superyacht, Privacy. Although this 164-foot mega-ship with gym, theater, and jet skis was a wedding present to his ex-wife, the maintenance cost was too high for her and she didn’t want it any longer after their divorce was finalized.

2. JK. Rowling & Johnny Depp – $75 Million Vintage Yacht Once Owned By HP Author And ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’

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In the swashbuckler film series Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow owns a ship named the Black Pearl. At the same time the actor that portrays him, Johnny Depp, also once had a yacht of his own. In 2016 this luxurious sailing vessel was bought by Harry Potter author JK. Rowling and she sold it one year later. Perhaps Rowling prefers a broomstick to get around.

3. Nicole Kidman – Spending A Happy Vacation On The Ocean With Family

So she could spend an enjoyable time on the sea with her husband, Keith Urban, and their adorable daughters, Nicole Kidman spent $2.5 million on her luxurious yacht Houkalani. It’s very roomy on board, both above and below deck, with several staterooms and twin cabins accommodating ten guests. The yacht even contains a swim platform and an integrated entertainment system.

4. Celine Dion – Served By Private Chef Over 20,000 Feet In The Air

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A legendary singer since 1980s, Celine Dion, has accumulated a great deal of wealth over the years. The personal transportation she chose is a Bombardier BD-700 Express costing $42 million and which also has a $3 million annual maintenance budget. Sampling delicious food made by her private chef in the fully leather furnished cabin, Dion must have enjoyed her flights.

5. Jay-Z  & Beyonce – One of The Most Luxurious Presents You Could Ever Think Of

What’s the most expensive gift you got your husband or wife? Well, the answer in Beyonce and Jay-Z’s case is unsurprisingly very extravagant. Beyonce gave the gift of a $40 million private jet for Father’s Day to her husband, while Jay-Z bought a gorgeous 213-foot yacht with amenities enough to entertain a queen: including the sundeck, a swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and a helipad.

6. Tyler Perry – Renovation Fee Up To $90 Million That Is Higher Than The Jet’s Original Price

Tyler Perry, the creator and performer of the Madea character, owns a very costly private plane, which could fetch around $125 million with all necessities and luxuries equipped. He calls the plane a “Flying theater” on account of the displays everywhere in the cabin and the personal library on board.

7. Harrison Ford – BIG Plane Collection Which Could Nearly Qualify As A Small Airline Company

Just like John Travolta, Harrison Ford is a passionate aircraft collector, who owns EIGHT personal aircraft. Having pilots flying his collections for him for many years, Ford finally decided to go further on the way of being an aviation enthusiast – he learned to fly and became a qualified pilot himself. What a good example of devoting oneself to the hobby!
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