How did a youngster in his early twenties become the youngest grandfather in the world? The reason was not that he married at a young age. In fact, you probably wouldn’t figure it out even with your wildest imagination. Read on to find out how the breathtaking story happened.

1. Just Another Average Student

Before his life changed, 23-year-old Tommy Connolly was a student at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Everything seemed so great until one day he received a Facebook message.

2. But An Above Average Athlete

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Not only was Tommy a fantastic student, but he was also an accomplished athlete. He shone in track and field, so much that he competed on the track internationally. However, his seemingly promising athletic career would be soon put on hold by something unexpected.

3. An All-Rounder

In his free time, Tommy was always very energetic. He likes doing various outdoor activities, such as hiking, white water rafting, and rock climbing. He also took lots of part-time jobs and saved up a large sum of money. His energy and money would soon be needed to raise his grandson. But how did that happen?

4. Tommy’s Better Half

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Tommy’s girlfriend, Olivia Tauro, was also a talented athlete. The two had been friends for eight years before they started dating. The twist is, Olivia is not the grandmother in this situation. She too was totally shocked to learn that she was dating a father and grandfather.

5. The Message That Started It All

One day, unexpectedly, Tommy received a Facebook message from his cousin Kiarna with whom he’d lost contact for nearly a decade. Growing up together, they used to be very close. However, she had some shocking news…

6. A Cousin In Dire Need Of Help

After a few exchanges, Tommy realized 16-year-old Kiarna had experienced a tough life since they last saw each other. She was alone with no home, no shoes, and few clothes. She needed help badly. However, Tommy didn’t know that it wasn’t just her who was in danger.

7. Not The Lovely Girl Any More

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