1. Johnny Depp: Doctor Strange

Johnny Depp turned down the role of Doctor Strange due to scheduling conflicts with Pirates of the Caribbean.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio: Robin And Spiderman

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Leonardo DiCaprio turned down the role of Robin and Spiderman because he thought both characters weren’t “complex” enough for his taste.

3. Jason Momoa:  Drax the Destroyer

Jason Momoa was courted to play Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy, but he gave it up because the role was too similar to the ones he’s played in the past. Perhaps he was destined to play the Aquaman, since he absolutely nailed it in that blockbuster.

4. Matthew McConaughey: Ego The Living Planet

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Matthew McConaughey rejected the role of Ego the Living Planet in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 because he felt like a superfluous part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “I like Guardians of the Galaxy, but what I saw was “It’s successful, and now we’ve got room to make a colorful part for another big-name actor.” He said.

5. Tom Cruise: Ironman

Tom Cruise was in talks to play Tony Stark (aka the Iron Man) but lost interest after the drawn-out logical issues. The Next Three: Turning down a superhero role before eventually playing it.

6. Chris Evans: Captain America

In an interview, Chris Evans revealed that he declined the role of Captain America twice because he was having “little panic attacks.”

7. Chris Pratt: Star-Lord

Chris Pratt’s initial disinterest in the role of Star-Lord was related to a previous bad audition experience. He feared that he might embarrass himself as he did in the audition for G.I. Joe. We all know what happened in the end: he got the part and was perfect for the role.

8. Brie Larson: Captain Marvel

Brie Larson rejected the role of Captain Marvel because she didn’t want the fame that comes with it. She told Entertainment Weekly that she worried too much publicity might limit her career in the future. But in the end she was convinced by the quality of the script and eventually took the role.
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